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 Into the dark night   Into the dark night  Video
 That's all she wrote  That's all she wrote  Video
Sweet old world Sweet old world Video
 Fantasía  Fantasía  Video
 Moses roses toeses  Moses roses toeses  Video
 Wrong direction  Wrong direction  Video
 Everybody calls you friend  Everybody calls you friend  Video
 Neon Vegas lights  Neon Vegas lights  Video
 Taos New Mexico  Taos New Mexico  Video
 One too many  One too many  Video
 From old Mexico  From old Mexico  Video
Wonder train (Herh.) Wonder train (Herh.) Video
 A fairytale  A fairytale  Video
 Coat of many colors  Coat of many colors  Video
 Muy poquito   Muy poquito   Video
 Way back home   Way back home  Video
 Broken  Broken Video 
 Run & hide  Run & hide  Video
Then the music stopped Then the music stopped Video
 The sign  The sign  Video
 Cry cry cry (herh.)   Cry cry cry   Video
 Stay home stay safe   Stay home stay safe Video
 Your man   Your man  Video
 Pick her up  Pick her up  Video
 Alone  Alone  Video
 Donna Carmela  Donna Carmela  Video
South of the border (Herh) South of the border Video
Anne's love Anne's love Video
 I need you (Herh)   I need you  Video
 In Tennessee   In Tennessee  Video
 Pick me up   Pick me up  Video
 I'm still in love with you   I'm still in love with you  Video
 I just can't let you go (Herh)  I just can't let you go  Video
 Send back my heart   Send back my heart  Video
 Southern California  Southern California  Video
 I still love you  I still love you  Video
 My sweet sensation  My sweet sensation Video 
 Ay no digas  Ay no digas  Video
2019:  2019:  
 I was lonely  I was lonely  Video
 Un trocito del cielo  Un trocito del cielo  Video
 Carmelita  Carmelita  Video
 Belle Louisiana  Belle Louisiana  Video
 Final chance Final chance   Video
Baby I'm blue Baby I'm blue Video
Maybe sometimes Maybe sometimes Video
 Not the only one (Herh)  Not the only one  Video
 Blame it on your heart  Blame it on your heart Video
 My way back to you  My way back to you  Video
 Jealous heart  Jealous heart Video 
 Gigolo everywhere I go  Gigolo everywhere I go  Video
 Panda cha  Panda cha  Video
 Everybody falls in love again  Everybody falls in love again  Video
 Say goodbye Say goodbye   Video
Flying high (Herh) Flying high Video
 Same thing  Same thing  Video
 While I was making love to you  While I was making love to you  Video
 Senoritas  Senoritas  Video
 Went for a while  Went for a while Video 
 Old friends in America  Old friends in America  Video
 Pizzirico (Herh)   Pizzirico   Video
 Honky tonk time machine  Honky tonk time machine  Video
 Old soldiers, old friends  Old soldiers, old friends  Video
Sapphire moonlight  Sapphire moonlight    Video
 Legend  Legend  Video
 The way you take time The way you take time  Video
 Waikiki (herh)  Waikiki  Video
 Almost saturday night  Almost saturday night  Video
 Don't look away (Herh)  Don't look away Video 
 Every breath you take  Every breath you take  Video
 Hey little girl  Hey little girl  Video
 Break free (Herh)  Break free  Video
 Through the night  Through the night  Video
Good feeling Good feeling Video
 Rhumba and roses (Herh)  Rhumba and roses  Video
 The picture  The picture

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